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Play built on Glory

Play built on Glory

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U12 travels to GERMANY

U12 travels to GERMANY

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HUSSARS UNITED & POGOĊƒ SZCECIN SOCCER ACADEMY invite everyone to a Michigan soccer camp 2020!!! We are thrilled to announce ou

Club Philosophy

We strive to develop highly creative, skillful and innovative players that have confidence in their abilities and continuously seek out opportunities to further improve their strengths and weaknesses.

Technical proficiency is essential to develop and be successfuls in all soccer actions. By constantly challenging players on the field in various game-realistic situations, we encourage players to make autonomous decisions. Failure is a learning opportunity and guided questions inspire players to seek out ideal solutions to succeed and create an intrinsic motivation for long-term development.

More important is the development off the field, in which we encourage players to be responsible for their actions and create self-awareness. Teaching life-long values like respect for each other, opponents, coaches and referees create leadership skills.

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Call: (224) 489-6508 or (773) 576-0703

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